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Welcome to WENGERWORLD!!

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See some pictures of the concrete island or our iguanas or get some recipes off of the recipe page (when I put some up..lol).

We are unofficial Parrotheads, in that we have never joined a club, but Jimmy Buffett music has been our music of choice since the early 1970's. The pictures to the right are Alonzo and Harvey, they play Buffett music as well as a wide variety of island music. You can click on this link http://www.alonzojam.com to visit Alonzo's website. 

The picture on the top right is of us and our friends at Lake Pleasant in Phoenix, Az. floating on the CONCRETEISLAND that we made of lightweight concrete. The product used to make the CONCRETEISLAND is called WengeRock.

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The Concrete Island
This is the gang floating on our CONCRETEISLAND.
Alonzo - Mango Mango

The music playing in the background is courtesy of Alonzo McLean.  The song is titled Parrothead Holiday.  Enjoy!!

Click here for another song.