Our Iguanas
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We love our iguanas! We only have three now, but at one time we had six of these wonderful creatures. Five years ago, no-one could have convinced me that I would love a reptile but now that we have Iggy, Biggie and Bart I have changed my mind. At first I was very nervous when they would come within a few feet of me. Now, they sit on my lap (or on my head). They have a doggie door so they can go in and out of the house and are easily trained. Now that summer is almost here, they stay outside most of the time because they tend to want to sleep on the mantel or on top of the warm cable box and it gets old fast.


This is Biggie at Parrotpalooza. Parrotpalooza is a Jimmy Buffett party in Phoenix.

Biggie at Parrotpalooza




Bart on stepstool trying to see what we brought for him to eat.

Bart on stepstool